The Benefits of Mulch Go Well Beyond the Beautification of Your Landscaping

A beautiful garden is defined in as many different ways as there are gardeners in the world. Some gardeners prefer neat, well-trimmed rows of flowers and shrubs, while others allow their gardens to grow as the plants please, taking care only to constantly remove the weeds. There are gardeners who prefer to cultivate exotic blooms from distant lands, tending to them with meticulous care and unwavering dedication. Others still choose common, hardy local plants which need only minimal watering and sufficient sunlight. How true it is that gardening is deeply personal.

Keeping Your Garden on Solid Ground

However many ways a lovely garden may be described, a healthy garden warrants a much narrower definition. Different plants require different care, of course, but one very common and effective way to help keep plants healthy is through mulching.

There are a number of benefits a garden derives from proper mulching. Most gardeners prefer organic mulches even with the added work and maintenance that they require. Organic mulches decompose over time, thus replenishing the nutrients in the soil. These fresh nutrients increase the overall soil condition around the plant, increasing fertility and oxygen levels.

If your garden is on uneven ground, mulching can help prevent the damage caused by soil erosion. But even if your garden is on pretty level ground, soil erosion can still occur – either through wind or the amount of foot traffic that takes place. Mulching helps prevent soil erosion in any garden terrain, making sure your plants remain firmly rooted in healthy, fertile soil.

Keeping Moisture in and Weeds out

Mulching also helps the ground retain moisture, so you do not have to water your garden as often nor use as much water when you do. The right amount of mulch in your garden keeps moisture close to the plant roots where it is readily absorbed.

Proper mulching helps prevent weeds from flourishing and taking over your garden. Weeds, the bane of every gardener's existence, are extremely resilient and prolific. But with the right kind of mulch that is regularly replenished, their growth is minimized and the hours a gardener spends on his or her knees fighting a tug-of-war with them becomes much less. For many gardeners, this benefit alone is worth the extra effort required to mulch a garden.

Mulching lends order and beauty to any garden. But more than that, it helps maintain the health of your garden. For serious gardeners who call their plants by name, this is despite the number one reason to do it.