The Moslem Sex Manual – The Perfumed Garden

The Moslem religion is a religion that is perceived in the west as a religion where the status of a woman is below man. It is also thought to have a puritanical outlook. Thus it will be a surprise to a lot many people that books do exist that extol the virtues of the fair sex and, by corollary, sex with them. One such book is the Perfumed Garden supposedly written by Sheikh Nefzawi.

Not much is known about this man. But the man who translated the ‘Perfumed Garden’ Sir Francis Richard Burton’s life is fairly well documented. Burton did monumental work by translating this book from Arabic in the late eighties of the nineteenth century. The perfumed Garden was commissioned to be written by the Grand Vizier of Tunis and Jefzawi carried out his instructions.

The book makes interesting reading as Interspersed in the entire book are a series of tales with a sexual tint that elucidate the theories on sex propounded by Sheikh Nefzawi. The basic theme of book is that the generative act is a source of great pleasure. It advises the lover to cohabit with a woman only after exciting her with playful caresses, kisses and licks. The Sheikh further discusses the various positions to be adopted for sexual love. He details 36 of them. However quite a few positions are fanciful and may not be practicable, but they do not act as a detriment to the text of the book.

The sheikh illustrates his theories with a series of stories in the book. These stories if read by themselves alone can titillate the imagination of any reader. One of the stories concerns Bauloul a Jester. This man had the gift of seducing a woman by his sense of humor alone.In the story the jester seduces the Princess Hamdouna and three times mates with her. During each mating the princess gives herself to the jester with gay abandon. The jester pleases the princess by kissing her vulva and its purple moisture laden dome; the clitoris.

Another tale in the book is the story of Joida who loved his neighbor a woman named Fadehat. Joida decided the best part of winning a battle is offense. Perhaps he took a leaf out of Clausewitz principles. He followed up by walking into the lady’s chamber and bared himself before her. The sight so excited the lady that she was greatly enamored of what she saw. She allowed Joida to undress her and Sheikh records that Joidi coupled with the lady a total of twenty seven times during the course of the night.

Another interesting tale is that of the Prophetess Shejat Temira, who was seduced by the heretic Mosailama. The act had such a profound effect on the prophetess that she forgot all about her work and prayer. Mosailama took the prophetess on her back, on all fours and many more sundry positions.

The Sheikh displays a tremendous knowledge of the sex act throughout the pages of the volume. Chapter after chapter establishes the writer as a master of the act of procreation. One can just wonder at the infinite knowledge of the sheik. The Perfumed Garden also defines the importance of foreplay, and acts of tenderness like kissing, caressing and use of the tongue. These are good lessons in the present day environment of ‘quick’sex

The sheik has also brought his knowledge of the female organs forward. He classifies the vulva as having forty one types and gives names to each type! The male organ is classified into thirty nine types, and one can be in awe of the knowledge of the sheik. It makes thrilling reading.

The last part of the text details the various diets to maintain sexual vigor. The sheikh’s recipes include eating several eggs cooked in cinnamon and pepper and fried with butter. Drinking camel’s milk mixed with honey is a strong recommendation. Some of the recipes listed can be tried by the reader. If nothing else this will be a happy pass time.But lastly we must thank Burton for translating this masterpiece which certainly ranks as one of the greatest books of erotica, of all time. For this alone Burton is immortal.