The NICCACUM Of A Specific House

When a homeowner decides, for whatever personal reason, it’s time to sell his home, it is a somewhat, natural, normal behavior, for that individual, to often, over – consider, what he perceives the market value, to be! This is one of the principal reasons, it’s wise, to hire a real estate professional, to serve and represent you, throughout this period. Each house has specific strengths, and weaknesses, as does, every neighborhood, block, etc. Since I believe, it’s often easier to remember and apply certain principles, when we use the mnemonic approach, this article will briefly review and discuss, the NICCACUM of a specific house, and property.

1. Niche: It’s wise to consider the specific niche, which might be most attracted to a specific house, and why! Does the house appeal to certain families, because of its size and location, both internal, and external? Wise agents will emphasize these strengths, as part of the marketing plan!

2. Impression: Since you only get one chance, to make a first impression, how will you focus on doing so? Will you accentuate the positives, while eliminating as many potential, negative factors, as possible?

3. Competition: Homes are often priced, and sell for a price, based on competitive, market forces. When a house is priced, right, from the start, the ability to sell it, for the best possible price, in the shortest period of time, with a minimum of hassle, the transaction period, becomes less stressful, etc! The qualified, real estate professional, will develop, a quality, focused, realistic, relevant, Competitive Market Analysis, or CMA, to create the best listing price.

4. Condition: Permit an objective, set of eyes, to evaluate the overall condition of your house, and whether, it needs tweaking, or will make the home, more or less, competitive, with others, of similar size, etc.

5. Access: Since one never knows, when the ideal, qualified, potential buyer, will be ready, and want to view your home, it is essential to make it readily available, for viewings, throughout this sales period!

6. Curb appeal: When one drives up to the house, will their first look, make them, more, or less, enthusiastic, and desirous of taking a further look? Your agent should advise you, of basic steps, to make this more positive!

7. Unique characteristics: What are the unique characteristics of the house, if any, which might, either attract, or deter, potential buyers, from taking the leap?

8. Modern upgrades/ updates: Does your home, seem, well, taken care of, or neglected, dated, etc? The modern upgrades most sought after, are in the kitchens and bathrooms.

Knowing and understanding, paying attention to, and focusing on the NICCACUM, often make a significant difference, in the marketing and selling of a particular house. Will you pay sufficient focus?