October 27, 2021


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The Pros and Cons of Marble In The Kitchen

There are not many elements you could have altered which will better enhance your kitchen area than getting stone countertops fitted. A custom made stone fabrication can rejuvenate any space, creating a feeling of extravagance. The key step to this technique is to decide on the appropriate stone. Probably the most common stone choice is marble, because of its luster and appearance. The elegance and natural beauty of marble brings quality to any home.

Marble tend to be most commonly used in bathroom vanities, fireplaces and tiling because it is able to withstand a great deal of heat. However, it is now becoming increasingly popular for use in kitchen counter tops large due to its ability to give the kitchen a clean and elegant look. However, despite the beautiful aesthetic value of Marble, it does have its disadvantages.

To Distress Or Not To Distress?

When it comes to installing stone kitchen counter tops, Granite tends to have the material of choice because it is so durable. Marble is much more likely to chip and break and it is more at risk form the day to day kitchen accidents like broken glasses and spilled food or wine. Granite is much more capable to withstand this type of pending punishment and is far less likely to fall victim to staining like Marble is. Some people actually see this as positive thing in relation to marble. They like the aesthetic effect of a little bit of wear and tear on their counter tops to give a slightly vintage look to them, in such the same way as people often do with intentionally distracted clothing. Marble is quite often likened to a fine wine which gets better as it matures. One of the main benefits of Marble is that it is completely waterproof and will not suffer damage from steam or splashes from washing dishes. However, to really prolong its life the stone does need to be sealed by a professional. This needs to be repeated every so often to maintain the seal. The manufacturer should be able to offer advice about how often this needs to be carried out.

Get The Classic Look

Marble is most often selected based on its appearance. It is definitely a material which is synonymous with quality and elegance. Although it is available in a range of different hues, the most popular color choice is definitely white. Rather than being a stark white, instead the stone offers a rich and creamy shade. It is this beauty that contributes to the more expensive price tag.

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