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Increasing your search engine visibility and ranking is usually not as difficult as people think it is or make it out to be. Especially if you are a local business, it really comes down to some simple, easy to follow tips, many of which can be done in just a few minutes. Follow the guidelines presented here and you are sure to give your website’s houston seo consultant a big boost!

Minute 1: Find Keywords

You are the expert on your business and your field. You know what you are good at, and what your customers are looking for. Off the top of your head, write down 10 or 20 things that customers are looking for when they need your help. Try to keep these as general as possible, like “dog sitting” or “wedding flowers”. Look over your list and pick the one phrase you think people are searching for the most. Add your city and state to the end of that word, like this: “Carpet Cleaning Lincoln, Nebraska”. That is the phrase we will optimize our page for.

Minute 2: Add a page title containing your keyword

This is pretty simple. If we are dealing with your home page here, you really, really want to make sure the page title includes your key phrase. The closer your phrase is to the start of your title, the better. Ideally your title will be Keyphrase. Business name, like this: “Carpet Cleaning Lincoln, Nebraska – Bob’s Carpet Cleaning”.

Minute 3: Add meta description containing your keyword

Meta description is what search engines use to display a snippet of your page. With most blogging and e-commerce packages, this is generated for you but can be overridden. You have about 160 characters to say what you need to say. Think of this as a mini sales pitch. If you include keywords or phrases here, they will be displayed as bold text in search results for those terms.

Minute 4: Add a heading containing your keyword

Search engines consider headings to be the topic of your page. In HTML, they look like this:

This page is awesome!

The numbers determine size and importance, so h1 is most important while h6 is a sub-sub-sub-sub-subtopic. There should only be one H1 on your page and it should closely match the page title you created earlier.

Minute 5: Add content containing your keyword

After all, what is a heading without content? Spam, according to the search engines. To get the best ranking, you need to have good, quality content on the topic decided upon to display to visitors and to search engines. In my experience, many business owners have trouble coming up with content for their site. In reality, it’s not that hard! You are the expert and people want to read what you have to say. Think of it like writing articles for a newsletter you’re sending out to your customers – tell them something interesting that is useful, and slip in a note about how you can help them. You’ll want to write several paragraphs for your page, and make sure they contain your key phrase – not because you’re jamming it into your content, but because it naturally fits in with the subject being addressed.

Note: You probably will not be able to write your page in one minute. But really, if you know what you want to write, this should not be that difficult. Don’t be a perfectionist – just get it out there. The grammar police aren’t going to come after you if you have a typo, and besides – you can always fix it later!


If you have several key phrases that you think could bring traffic to your site, don’t try to jam them all into one page. Make a page or post for each one, and optimize them individually. That way you have a page on your site ranking for many different terms. More search ranking = more traffic = more sales!