Timeshare Vs Hotel – Where to Stay?

It's 2 AM The kids are frowning. Dad tries without avail to stop mom from banging on the door and shouting at the chatty couple in the next room. Little Sara is not feeling well. The doctor's diagnosis: undeniably the symptoms of a Labor Day weekend spent at a hotel. The cure: a timeshare resort. Do not let the kids' last summer memories be of sleeping on the ground and getting stepped on by dad on his way to the bathroom. And mom and dad, would not you like some privacy before the hectic school year starts? Most major hotel chains own and operate timeshare resorts, so finding a comfortable place to spend the last dog days of summer is as easy as unwrapping a popsicle.

So, what's the difference between a hotel and a resort? A typical hotel room consist of a single bed and bathroom and limited space to walk around. Hotel rooms are also preceded to noise from adjacent rooms and hallway activity, which can make falling sleep and staying sleep difficult, especially for middle-sized and larger families, where at least one person must sleep on the floor or on a chair. Staying at a hotel also means you are forced every day to either eat out or order room service at an exorbitant price. Talk about starving your wallet! A hotel room is suitable for a brief business trip, but is strictly family vacation material.

A standard timeshare resort is similar to a condominium. With multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, including a master bath, mom and dad can share a romantic evening in the tub while the kids are asleep. If Uncle Joe decides to tag along, he can pull out the sofa bed and enjoy a nap in the spacious living room. A dining area keeps the family together at mealtime, and a full kitchen complete with a stove, microwave, refrigerator and bowls, plates and cutlery makes it easy to bring the flavors of home to wherever you may be. And, of course, a washer and dryer means no more having to toss everyone's dirty wet garments into a bag for the drive or flight home.

Most resorts also offer a wide array of activities for the little ones, such as face painting, storytelling, arcade games, outdoor activities, and more. Family fun is readily available in the form of swimming pools, discos, miniature golf, bowling, night shows and table tennis tournaments, to name a few. What about an old-fashioned family movie night? No problem. Many timeshare resorts provide on-site movie rentals, DVD and Blu-ray Disc players and at least one ample-sized television so families can watch the latest releases without the hassle of a movie theater.

Many timeshare resorts, especially those at popular destinations such as Orlando and Las Vegas, provide 24-hour shuttle buses to every major part of town, so activities such as shopping, dining and sightseeing are no harder than stepping on and stepping off.

So whether your family is petite or can barely fit in the minivan, choosing a timeshare resort is a surefire way to make your Labor Day getaway fun and comfortable. While resorts are pricier than hotels, the benefits in terms of comfort, convenience, good times and good eats far outweigh the costs.