Tips For Planning An Eco-Friendly Wedding

Quite a few modern-day brides are interested in ways to plan a fabulous wedding that also leaves a minimal carbon footprint. It takes a little bit of creative thinking, but it does not have to be overwhelming. There are a number of simple ways to implement eco-friendly criteria into your wedding. The following ideas will get you started.

Wedding Planner / Coordinator

Try to find an eco-friendly wedding planner in your vicinity. Depending upon your financial resources and level of commitment to having a green wedding, it may even be valuable to search outside of your local area and consider phone consultation services or bringing someone to your location to exceed your wedding day particulars. Event planners who emphasize green ethics are your optimal source for fresh ideas and skills by contributing to your inspiration. They'll be able to refer you to service providers who have like-minded principles as well. They have the relationships and knowledge very specific to eco-friendly event guidelines, and will likely save you time and money vs. researching and selecting numerous service providers and vendors by yourself.


A location that is easily accessible and centrally located is ideal. For garden locations, consider a location that naturally contributes almost all of the ambiance you wish for to limit the requirement for excessive flowers and decor. If you have your heart set on an upscale event space, try limiting the choices to venues who put into action green values. Quite a few resorts and event locations are currently reflecting low-wattage lighting, organic housekeeping supplies, recycling procedures, water conservation systems, and energy-efficient HVAC systems and equipment in all areas of their properties. Hosting all of your wedding related events at a single property will in turn reduce fuel consumption for your guests, so make an effort to pick a venue that has areas that will accommodate both your ceremony and reception.


Web-based services are the most eco-conscious choice to send invitations and receive responses from guests. If you choose to print and mail them, look into recycled paper and soy inks. Whether you are constructing them DIY style or having them professionally designed and assembled for you, there are tons of lovely stationary and ink selections at your disposal. You can reduce the volume of printed materials as much as possible, without having to sacrifice tradition and formality.


If you've chosen a venue that necessitates the use of their in-house catering, ask about customizing the menu to incorporated locally farmed foods. If you have the option of choosing your own caterer, look for local and / or organic cuisine. Attempt to eliminate disposable cutlery and dinnerware from your meal service exclusively.


Disregard favors (and packaging) that have no future purpose. Seeded benefits, potted herbs or plants, and responsibly harvested edibles are wonderful alternatives. You could make a small contribution each in honor of each guest to a community-based charity or perhaps you know of a particular person or family going through really tough times.

Do not limit yourself to merchandise specifically labeled for weddings or events, be resourceful! Rescuing charity store items for use as lighting fixtures or lounge seating, re-purposing things you previously own from your storage or garage, and buying locally for the majority of your wedding items will all help make a significant difference in your carbon footprint. Your guests and the earth will admire the additional steps you have taken to celebrate sustainability on your wedding day.