January 26, 2021


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Tips for proper storage of lawn and garden chemicals

Environmental contamination from fertilizers and pesticides occurs most frequently in storage areas, where these materials are concentrated, not from their routine use in the landscape. Therefore properly storing lawn and garden chemicals is an extremely important.

Proper pesticide storage is one EarthKind practice that can definitely preserve and protect our environment. Now that winter is here most unused fertilizers and pesticides will be placed in storage until they are needed next spring. Now is the perfect time to prepare a safe holding area for these materials. Proper storage is important for many reasons, including environmental protection, human (and pet) health concerns, as well as maintaining the effectiveness of the chemicals and fertilizers. Although there are numerous considerations, generally speaking a winter storage area or facility should be:

 Secure from children and pets.

 Well-ventilated to eliminate fumes and vapors.

 Well-lit when in use to make it easy to read product labels.

 High and dry – especially from potential flooding.

  Large enough to allow for separation of various pesticides and fertilizers.

 Enclosed in such a manner that leaks/spills may be contained and cleaned quickly.

 Protected from extreme heat and COLD to preserve chemical effectiveness.

The storage area must be secure from unwanted visitors, both people and animals! Good lighting and ventilation are important to the personal health of the user(s) of the facility. In addition, proper ventilation can prevent volatile chemicals from contaminating other materials in storage. Separation of chemicals in storage by type is additional insurance against contamination. Flammable liquids must be stored outside of living areas and away from ignition sources.

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