Tips For Using Handwritten Corrugated Signs

I decided to try something new this week to market a wholesale property; handwritten corrugated signs. In the past we have used printed "We Buy Houses" signs for finding deals. I really am not a big fan of this whole process to be quite honest. I hate putting those signs out! After the last time I subjected myself to putting those things out, I had decided that if I ever were to use these signs again I would hire someone to put them up for me.

Recently I have heard of other real estate investors using handwritten signs to sell their properties and I decided to give it a try. I have to tell you, I was quite surprised by the results I got and definitely consider this experiment a success. Over the weekend I put out about 10-12 signs in the area where the house is located. I have gotten half dozen calls in just a few days from people that want to look at the house. Most all of these calls came from other real estate investors looking for something to rehab.

I put a few of the signs several miles away from the house on heavily trafficked streets which were on the "route" to the house This particular property is not going to work for some of the investors that called, but I have been able to put them on my buyers list for future deals. Best of all, I have a potential buyer!

What Kind of Signs Are Best?

I used 12×18 white corrugated signatures and used a combination of black and red permanent marks to write on the signs. You can get these signs locally or from one of the internet sign companies. Generally they cost less than a dollar a sign. All but a couple of the signs were nailed up on wooden telephone poles. There were a couple of high traffic intersections that had newer metal poles so for those areas I used the metal sign poles to stick them in the ground. One thing I have learned from putting the signs up in the past not to put them in the middle of residential areas. Those signs will be gone in 15 minutes or less.

Make your message on the sign simple and to the point. I wrote in big, thick letters:

** Must Sell ……… Handyman Special **
$ CASH $

If the house were a "cheap house", I would put the price and "cheap house" on the sign. I did not put the price on this house because it is a "higher priced" wholesale deal.

The great thing about using these signs it that you can tailor the sign to that particular house, and it eliminates the need to order a large quantity of preprinted signs which may or may not work for an individual house. Also, I think there is something about the signs being handwritten that works well in this particular situation. The only thing I would change next time is to put out more of the signs; possibly 15-20.

On A Final Note

I had not one but two callers that wanted to know, "what kind of tools I was selling". Appropriately, the term "handyman special" had a whole different meaning for them. I'll have to remember this in the future.