October 23, 2021


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Top rules of great bathroom designs that can make your home grand

The design or renovation of the bathroom needs a great deal of work and innovation. If the builder is adding decorative torches to the bathroom, or building a new one, knowing a few tips will come in handy.

It’s imperative to say that the bathroom can also be spiffed up. It can look stylish and snazzy. There are practical steps to take when building that new bathroom or giving it a stylish design that will set tongues wagging.

One of the most important things to take note of is our needs. Giving a bathroom a hundred per cent overhaul in the future can cost a pretty penny. Some questions to ask are: What’s your budget? What style do you prefer?

What features are necessary and what features are desirable? Should Kids be kept in mind when designing the bathroom? There are a plethora of bathroom designers out there that can help you with the modelling or remodelling of your bathroom. One way to make the right decision is to visit review platforms like reviewsbird.co.uk to get unbiased reviews of different designs.

This article will cover important tips to keep in mind while designing your bathroom:


One thing the bathroom requires is very good lighting. Apart from that, tasks and accents are also important. Dimmer light is necessary at night. LED lights should be installed at the base of the wall.

Overhead shadows can be avoided by installing task lights on either side of the vanity mirror. The window and skylights should be maximised to enhance the penetration of natural light. If neighbouring houses are in full view, installing a frosted window might be necessary for privacy. It’s imperative to visit different online shops for proper lighting items.


After conceiving the ideal bathroom in your mind, it’s necessary to draw out a sketch of the layout of the bathroom. Some things to take note of when sketching the layout includes partition wall, wiring and plumbing, space between shower and toilet. Some important questions to ask are: Is the space enough to move around freely? Do the doors open the right way?


This is also very important. What are the things that you use 99% of the time? Where can you access those things easily? Towels and candles can be stored on open shelves. The rest can be put in a linen cupboard that is close by. Things that you use every day should be kept in a wall cabinet. Some other things that can aid storage are peg rails, shelving, free-standing cabinets, Slimline cabinets


Changing the fittings and cabinet handles with avant-garde ones will give the bathroom that modern and amazing look. Not being consistent with the style and size of the fittings can terribly mar the design. Using a vanity with soft-close doors and drawers is a wise decision. One way to keep your cost to the nearest minimum is to use a timer for a heated towel rail


If you want your bathroom to be spacious, a freestanding bath will be your best bet. If you intend to increase the aesthetics, large, built-in vanities and baths can be used. One downside of using them is that they reduce cleaning space. If you have a small space and you don’t know whether to use a small bath or a large shower, then the best decision is to use a large shower.


When remodelling your bathroom, creating a relaxing environment is imperative. White is the most common Colour used in bathrooms. Using grey and white tiles adds a chic look to the bathroom. If you want a boutique hotel look, then dark patterned tiles are the way to go.

Finally, following these tips will greatly enhance the beauty of your bathroom. Apart from the above tips, make sure you keep it simple. The lighting, colour, bathroom ware and fittings might seem important but it is also important not to cram a shower, bath, basin and toilet into one room if the space is not large enough. Having different rooms for a toilet and shower might be your best bet.

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