Turn Your Bathroom Into a Mini Spa

Turning your bath into a mini spa can be as simple as making a few adjustments to what you already have in your bathroom, like a bathtub. All you need to do next is invest a little money into decorating it. You do not need to go out and buy an expensive bathing unit like a jacuzzi to enjoy the spa experience.

Think bath salts, chamomile soaps, and flower petals. A mini portable spa machine that can be placed right in your own tub that releases micro jet streams into your bath water. You can even experiment with your bathroom lighting, or even better place little waterproof lighting elements into your tub. What I like to do is set up lighting elements that change according to the sound of the music I am playing.

Music. Think healing music. The sound of the ocean, wind, and trees. I have a CD with dolphin and whale sounds. I even have a CD with the sound of thunder and rain that I especially like to listen to while either bathing or sleeping. Another thing people do is use power stones or crystals. Whether there's scientific evidence to back the therapeutic claims of the benefits of using energy stones is irrelevant, since the idea of ​​a spa is to ease your mind and body of stress. All you are really doing is creating an artificial environment that induces a state of relaxation.

Mini spa units can probably be picked up either at your local hardware store, or online. I also recommend looking into the therapeutic shower heads that have adjustable massage nozzles. A good way to get into the mood is to shower down first. A hot shower is a good way to get the blood vessels to expand.

Here in Japan, the spa culture is a national pastime and is enjoyed everyday. Many Japanese have mini spas in their homes. In addition, they also enjoy the occasional departure with family and friends at the local communal spa houses all over town. Then there's the weekend jaunts to the mountains to enjoy an old rustic wooded outdoor bath in nature. What I learned from the Japanese is what prompted me to write this essay.

Not everyone can indulge themselves in a natural hot spa, so a good rule here is to create a very natural environment in your bathroom. Sure, it's okay to get wild and do something unique. What matters most is that you can relax and let the stress of life soak away.