Types Of Kitchen Cabinets Explained

The kitchen cabinet which was basically designed to store kitchen appliances has evolved tremendously during the last few decades. Today’s kitchen cabinets are worlds apart from the cabinets 20-30 years ago. In this article we are going to talk about different types of kitchen cabinets which are currently available in the market.

A kitchen cabinet falls into three different groups which are based on their shape and specifications.

Base cabinets:

These are perhaps the most common type of cabinets available in the market. The base cabinet rests on the floor and usually have a counter top. These are the most preferred piece of furniture for flats and apartments which usually have very moderate kitchen space.

The height of this cabinet is around 34 inches to 36 inches. The depth can vary anywhere from 24 inches to 30 inches. It usually has a single door and some newer models can have a double door and the inside of the cabinet can either have shelves or multiple stacked drawers. This is the most preferred kitchen cabinet mainly because of its simpler design.

Many altered versions of base cabinets are also available in the market. The most popular ones are the sink base and the corner base. The sink bases are probably the most commonly purchased kitchen cabinets in the world. It usually has a false drawer and an open area where the plumbing work is hidden. A corner base on the other hand is just like any other shelf which is mainly used to store some day-to-day stuff which are commonly used around the kitchen.

Wall cabinets:

These cabinets are designed in such a way that it can either be integrated in the wall or simply hung on the wall. They are essentially shaped like a base cabinet, the only difference is that these are mainly used like an overhead cabinet for storing things in the kitchen. These cabinets are unique and are commonly used in apartments or individual houses. The most common thing that one needs to consider when they are buying this type of cabinet is the height of the kitchen ceiling and the person’s height. You do not want to end up buying a tall cabinet and not being able to reach the top shelf. So make sure you buy a cabinet so that you can use all the shelves and drawers of the cabinet with ease.

The factory standard height of this furniture ranges from 12 inches to 42 inches. The depth of these cabinets is somewhere around 12 inches to 18 inches.

Tall cabinets:

These are thin and long cabinets. These are essentially like a closet. They are very ideal for narrow spaces. This tall cabinet offers enough places to store many things. The industrial dimensions for this cabinet are 84 inches to 94 inches in length and 12 inches to 18 inches in-depth.