July 31, 2021


Home Improvement

Useful Home Decor Ideas That Make a Visible Change in Small Spaces

Constriction of space is a common problem when living in a small home. It is important to define areas and connect them successfully and harmoniously. These useful home décor concepts teach you how to manage space. Start with demarcating the different zones in your home. The public areas are where you entertain outsiders in your home. These areas should be warm, inviting and project your personality. The private areas in your home need not necessarily have expensive furniture and décor but that does not mean you do not spend time and effort to make your home cozy and livable.

How to manage space

Make a layout positioning the windows and doors correctly. Check where the sunlight is stronger and use this knowledge to advantage. Always keep in mind the proportion of the walls, ceiling to the floor and light factor. If the ceiling is not very high, do not introduce false ceiling. This will only dwarf the size of the room and give it a stumped look. Preferably, keep the floor and ceiling light textured. The kitchen is a heavy-duty area so hard tiles on the floor is a good option for cleaning and maintenance. Use rugs and carpets for the flooring in the living room.

Parquet flooring is also attractive as a useful home décor option

Storage options

It may be necessary to use partitions to make an office or study in a certain room. Consider this useful home décor proposal. Keep the partition low and design a storage unit there. This is a great space saver and provides utility value. To camouflage awkward corners, make utility cabinets and use mirrors on the doors of the cabinets. This makes the place look airy and decorative at the same time. Areas under staircases and alcoves need proper treatment. If the area under the staircase is large enough to house a bar or a piano, use it to advantage. If storage is required, then that is an ideal place for storage. Work on an attractive design for the cabinet doors or paint it with a textured mix and match finish to highlight your living room décor.

Things to avoid

Do not clutter the home. Make a checklist now and then and discard stuff not used recently. Allow spatial space between furniture and objects to make the room look larger and airy. Do not use loud or dark colors in a small home. Go in for pastel shades as these make the room look larger. Do not paint the ceiling a dark color. Stick to white or pale shades. Think twice before investing in large objects that tend to crow the room.