February 28, 2021


Home Improvement

Using Antler Decor And Furniture In Your Home For A Natural Rustic Look

When you are decorating your home, and you want to go with a very unique look, then you can not go wrong with putting antlers in your home. Yes, that is right antlers. You may think that putting antlers up in your home is a one-way ticket to living in a back country shack, but the truth is that with rustic antler decorations, you can have a home that looks like the right mix between being rustic and being trendy.

Beyond the Boring Antler Display

When we talk about antlers, we are not talking about hanging antlers on the wall, but instead using antlers, real or fake, in a variety of items including coat hangers, chandeliers, lights and more.

These antlers have been crafted and shaped to fit exactly what you want out of your decor. They are not antlers with a light put on top of them, but a stylish lamp or chandelier that has a great look of elegance and rustic personality. For many, this is exactly what they want out of their rustic decor. They do not want a bunch of tacky items that make the home look too rustic, but instead want something that fits in perfectly, while standing out to the point where it is not gaudy. It is a tough balance to achieve, but it can be made with quality products.

The most popular uses of the antlers for home decor is through lighting. Either working as candlesticks, or as part of a chandelier, you will find the real or faux antlers actually add a touch of rustic enthusiasm to your home. As well, there are rustic antler lamps, firewood holders and even light switches. When you are going for a rustic look to your home or room, having antler light switches will get you to that point in a stylish way. On top of that, you can purchase antler utensils, coasters, centerpiece holders and more.

The amount of antler accessories you can have to add to your home and give it a rustic look is endless. You will be happy with the decor you create for your home or office, simply by putting a few antler pieces in. Nothing says rustic and outdoors like some antlers in your home.