Vanity Cabinets – An Important Bathroom Accessory

Vanity cabinets are indicative for bathrooms primarily due to the fact that apart from the utilitarian point of view, it also adds an element of style to the general décor of the room. Bathrooms contain several small articles of daily use which needs to be put away conveniently so as to accord it a sense of space and order. This can be effectively achieved through the installation of Cabinets.

Vanity Cabinets are basically storage spaces that can be fitted snugly under or above the sink or on any suitable area. They can be mounted on walls or fixed on the floor and some may even extend up to the ceiling. Basically, these cabinets store the various articles used on a regular basis in bathrooms like cosmetics, medicines, toiletries, cleaning equipment, linen, etc.

Vanity Cabinets are basically of two types. One is the face-frame type which is more of the traditional cabinet that accords a formal appearance with frame and panel doors. The second is the frameless cabinet that is more contemporary in style with cabinet boxes and hinges of an adjustable nature. The type of cabinet that you select for your bathroom essentially depends on the size of the bathroom as well as the general décor.

If you are about to remodel you bathroom it makes more sense in sizing up the exact specifications of the room so that you can choose a suitable cabinet. In general these cabinets come in sizes ranging from 18 – 48 inches width that can be made larger according to your requirements. A great option in the case of a contemporary vanity cabinet would be the Dreamline Vanity Cabinet, a Danish make which can compliment your bathroom décor in a great way. Another trusted name in the said field happens to be that of Porcher which is well known for its exclusive styled vanity cabinets and other related accessories.

One of the most popular type of Vanity Cabinet for Bathrooms happened to be the vessel sink bathroom vanity which basically consist of a cabinet that fits a bowl type sink on its countertop. The storage space under the sink is covered up and can be utilized to store various articles of use in the bathroom.

Vanities are of different materials basically, like wood, aluminum, granite, marble, acrylic, etc and you can choose from including a whole lot of colors and styles according to your budget and general décor of the room. Counter tops too come in a great range of materials with laminate topping the list due to its versatility. Granite and ceramic tiles are great choices when it comes to Vanity Cabinet counter tops primarily due to its durability and ease in maintenance.