January 25, 2021


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Vintage style tops DIY home decor trends

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The #DIYHomeDecor hashtag has more than 1.5 million posts from Instagram users around the world and Budget Direct Home Insurance in Australia set out to find the hottest décor trends and design styles. It identified the top five home décor design styles:

• Modern. Clean lines and a keen use of natural light create a bold, simple, geometric image.

• Vintage. This term applies to any look that makes use of styles, materials, and objects of yesteryear. Some vintage-inspired DIY projects focus on a single decade. The real art is to mix and match eras without ending up with a junk shop look.

• Rustic. Achieve the rustic look through your choice of materials. Wood, burlap, copper and stone add a farmhouse feel, while reclaimed materials and upcycled objects evoke a ‘make-do-and-mend’ spirit.

• Boho. With its eclectic, free-spirited look and textured, layered elements create, boho décor is inviting and cozy.

• Cottage. This style pairs the minimalism of the modern look with a rustic-style ‘lived-in’ patina.

Feeling inspired but have never successfully tackled a DIY project of your own? Choose a project commensurate with your skills and the amount of time and money you can invest, Allaire Perrault advises. “When people underestimate those things, they often run out of steam and leave the project unfinished,” she says.

Researching the project “by watching every YouTube video you can consume” can help you determine if you’ve got the right skills. Make note of every step of the project, make an informed guess about how long it will take to complete each and add 20 per cent as a buffer.

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