Wall Mounted Hair Dryer – The Benefits of Installing One in Your Bathroom

Is it worthwhile to install a new wall mounted hair dryer on your bathroom wall? Sure it is, especially if it is to be used daily. New blow dryer styles, such as the household type Sunbeam Global EconoMizer 1632-020 and the Sunbeam Global EconoMizer 1632-040 are sleek upgraded models, and new to the market. These handy wall mounted hair dryers not only offer space saving capabilities in your bathroom, but the 1632-040 now also offers a new built in nightlight, as a safety feature!

By having a built in nightlight, you can also save outlet space, for another item to be plugged into your wall socket, like a curling iron, shaver, or what have you.

Most folks dry their hair following washing it, needless to say, therefore most folks have hair dryers. These wall mounted hair dryers, would make an outstanding addition to any home's bathroom decor. From the classy white color, to the ultra sleek design, the 1200 and 1500 watt power settings, right on down to the extra long cord. The male plug also has a circuit reset button, and these units are UL Listed.

Rated at 125V-60Hz.

Speaking from experience, the Sunbeam models of wall mounted hair dryers have been an industry leader for many years. As a matter of fact, you can now find them in the bathrooms of many 5 star hotels and vacation resorts all around the world. Next time you're in a top notch hotel, take notice to what hair dryer is mounted on their wall. Most likely it will be one of these new Sunbeam blow dryers.

Some additional features of these handy bathroom appliances are enhanced airflow, reduced noise level, sleek styling, magnetic handset and removable lint filter. These are all familiar "Global" hits but with one exception: The Global EconoMizer (TM) Hair Dryer has a hidden switch that allows you to choose a heat setting of 1200 or 1500 Watts. This handy little power switch, means big savings for everyone.