Wall Murals As Accents For Kitchen Wall Decor

Consider the following two scenarios:

Jackie lives in the suburbs and is a devoted wife and soccer mom. She lives in a 4 bedroom colonial on a lovely tree-lined cul-de-sac. She recently upgraded her kitchen with matching appliances in beautiful stainless steel. She also painted the walls a lovely earthy clay color with green undertones. Finally, her husband installed track lighting to add much needed brightness. Still, she wanted to add some 'umph' to her kitchen, something really unique to make it stand out.

Jason is a single, young attorney who lives on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. He runs a small one bedroom apartment. He lives on the 27th floor and has a doorman-a fairly standard and desirable living arrangement for a young professional with an upwardly mobile career. He works long hours and when he does have time to relax, he enjoys entertaining friends with dinner and cocktails. His small kitchen is functional but dated. Since he rents, he is limited in what he could do to add some pizazz to his tiny kitchen. Still, he wants to do something to that blank wall opposite the counter.

Although Jackie and Jason seem to have polar oppositional living arrangements and lifestyle demographics, they do have one thing in common: a decorating dilemma in the kitchen! They both have options, and one that will work nicely for both of them is the addition of a wall accent.

Wall mural accents are fun and add decorative interest to small spaces. They trick the eye (trompe de l'oeil) by seemingly adding three dimensions to a two dimensional space. They are easy to apply and can be cleaned with mild cleanser on a soft sponge. They are also easy to remove and therefore will not harm the undering wall (a word of caution: be sure to follow the manufacturers' instructions for application as some wall murals are peel and stick while others need to be applied with adhesive paste). The fact that there are so many fantastic choices is a sure sign that there is something for everyone here. Probably the best thing about wall mural accents is that they are affordable and can work within anyone's decorating budget.

Although cost is not a major factor for Jackie, she certainly wants the best deal for her money. Her primary concern is quality. On the other hand, Jason knows he will not be living in this apartment long, since he plans to move to Paris in a few years. He is not going to spend a lot of money on decorating.

Because of the uniqueness, ease, functionality, and affordability of wall mural accents, both scenarios have happy endings. Jackie chose a mural with a Tuscan view to add to the end of her kitchen counter. It is an arched stone lined entry with a breathtaking view of the Tuscan Hills.

Jason chose a faux cafe window mural and applied it to the wall opposite his kitchen counter. He is facilitated because it now actually appears as if he is looking out onto the street from within his very café or French Bistro. It even has reversed writing on the "glass." Best of all, it makes his kitchen space appear larger.

For unique wall designs at a price that can not be beat, consider the addition of a wall mural accent to your eating space!