Washing Line Cover – How a Cover Can Turn Your Washing Line Into a Lovely Garden Parasol

Firstly these washing line covers are very practical. They allow a rotary clothes line to double as a garden parasol. When there is no washing on the line, chairs and a table can be popped underneath to enjoy a meal in the shade. A washing line cover is a very cheap alternative to a garden parasol and it is in effect exactly the same thing. You can find one to match any kind of rotary washing line, old or new, for a snug, practical fit.

If you remove the garden furniture a washing line cover makes a great shady spot for a child to play under, or a pet (or parent!) to lounge in, with the added bonus that it can’t be knocked over.

Invest in a good quality washing line cover. It should be waterproof so washing can be left outside in any weather. It should be UV treated so neither it nor your clothes fade in the sun. It will be made from strong material that is easily adjustable.

Not only are washing line covers practical, but they are ascetically pleasing too. They come pleasantly designed in a range of styles to suit any tastes. With washing on or off they can turn a washing line in a feature of the garden.

But, I hear you cry. Why are washing lines so popular now that they come with their own washing line covers! Well, before the invention of electric clothes driers, washing lines were the most practical and efficient way to dry clothes.

Clothes can be hung very quickly, then left to let nature gently dry the garments, causing no harm to the fabric and letting creases gently drop out.

Then came the electric drier and many other electrical devices too. Everybody was happy because in many ways they made housework a lot easier and did improve peoples lives. This is very true of the washing machine and the fridge. But the electric drier does not take any effort out of drying clothes because there was no effort in the first place.

So after that initial burst of everybody wanting all the mod cons, many people realised that the clothes drier was in fact very unnecessary and took up a lot of space, was incredibly noisy and was bad for fabric. Add to this the fact that it is one of the biggest users of electricity in the home, which sends electricity bills rocketing and is bad for the environment.

So for all these reasons people stopped buying new electric driers and have switched back to a simple and gentle way of drying clothes.

Washing lines took off. Innovative designs were launched, and with them attractive additions like washing line covers were added to the market to make them even more functional and stylish to boot.