What You Need To Consider When Shopping For A Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

When choosing a single bowl kitchen sinks there are a few considerations and features which make them more comfortable and efficient to work in. Some of the most important ones are actually often overlooked. Learning a little bit more about them will make choosing the perfect sink both easier and faster. Here are some of the most important things to focus on:

Drain Position

Drain position is an important factor the majority of consumers overlook. Most right handed people will prefer sinks with drains located on the right hand side of the sink. This is because when washing or rinsing dishes or other cookware they use their left hands to hold the plate and their right hands to scrape the debris off towards the right side of the sink. The opposite is true for left-handed people. Some people simply prefer the drains to be placed in the middle regardless of their dominant hand. Taking a few minutes to think about where you want your drain to be located will guarantee years of comfortable use.


The material used to make your sink is another important consideration. A simple way to quickly narrow down choices is to consider your budget. For those who are looking for savings, acrylic sinks are a very affordable option. They are pretty durable and if they do become scratched, the scratches can quickly be buffed out. For those who have a little bit more to spend, granite sinks are not only long lasting they look incredibly elegant as well particularly if you are fond of black single bowl kitchen sinks. Copper on the other hand is not only eye catching but also kills bacteria and viruses which makes sinks made from this material a safe and healthy choice.

Drain Board

A feature many people find very helpful is a drain board. These can be advantageous if you like to prewash your dishes before sticking them in the dishwasher. If you wash your dishes by hand it will gives you a space to dry recently washed dishes and silverware. Some sinks models come with ribbed drain boards while others have ones that are slightly tilted to help get rid of the excess water. If you have a garbage disposal, a single bowl kitchen sink with drain board attached can double as an area where you can peel and chop. And of course all of the waste can be brushed straight into the disposal system.


Last but not least don’t forget to decide on a quality strainer. Usually very inexpensive but very useful they are important because they keep the gunk out. Too much debris is the number one cause of clogged sinks and pipes and we all know how troublesome that can be. Just remember most sinks do not come with one.

A single bowl kitchen sink is a simple yet versatile choice. However be sure to keep the above considerations and features in mind to speed up the process of finding the right one for your needs. A little preparation and thinking can go a long way, particularly in the kitchen.