White Bathroom Suites – Are They the Best?

Some people think that white bathroom suites are un-interesting, but this could not be further from the truth. White bathroom suites offer a huge amount of versatility being able to fit in with any possible style that you have in mind.

It's probably pretty obvious that if you want a minimalist look to your bathroom white is the way to go. Minimalism, which is based around the idea of ​​stripping away anything frivolous or that has no purpose, can be linked to Zen and the art of meditation. This just goes to prove that, to be a sanctuary, your bathroom does not have to be filled with marble and gold plate. In fact, a plain bathroom suite, devoid of ornament, is exactly what the Master ordered!

Something we touched earlier with minimalist design white bathroom suites is the fact that the overall design needs much less space as you have already got rid of the clutter that is not required in the bathroom. Unfortunately new homes being built are having bathrooms that seem to be getting smaller. For the ultimate in clean lines and minimalist design in using a suite with white tiles white walls and ceiling, it will make the room appear larger and have a very fresh feel, just be careful that you do not go too far and give your bathroom that clinical hospital like feel.

The flip side is that the minimalist design does not fit with all design plans. Some prefer the very decadent styles with powerful colors and lots of accessories, a white bathroom suite can again be used in this environment to possibly keep the overall design from becoming too over the top. There see how flexible a white bathroom suite can be.

If you opt to use white bathroom furniture it gives a great blank canvas to work from, after all white goes with everything. You can first choose your bathroom suite and then dress it up with the colors and accessories of your choice so if you love Ferrari red that's fine a bathroom suite in white will always blend in.

Well I have talked a lot about the color, but what about the style. White certainly does not have to be the safe boring choice. The range of white bathroom suites available is huge with the most traditional including roll top baths to the most contemporary designs with clean sharp lines.

Whether you are aiming for contemplation or indulgence, the place to start is with a bathroom suite in white.