April 23, 2021


Home Improvement

Why There Is A PRIDE Of Home Ownership

Most Americans, historically, and traditionally, have considered, home ownership, as a significant component, of the so-called, American dream! Although, most of us recognize and realize that, far, too little attention and focus, has been placed on, and spent, evaluating, and considering, what goes into, one's PRIDE , in owning, and residing, in their own home. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, evaluate, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the factors, and considerations, involved, and why this matters.

1. Perception: If you present, stay, in a house, you own, how does that make you feel? Are you proud of it, or does its appearance embarrass you? What were you seeking when you purchased this house, and have you achieved your basic objectives and needs? Is your perception aligned with the reality, and how will you embrace, the finest aspects? If you are qualified, potential buyer, seeking a place, of your own, what are your perceptions, needs, and requirements, as well as your financial abilities, and capabilities?

2. Residence: Why do you want to live, in a specific region, area, or community, and will this residency, meet your needs, requirements, and expectations, in a personally satisfying manner? Focus on the neighborhood, safety, and relevant personal factors, if applicable, such as quality of the school / educational system, a feeling of safety and security, nice neighbors, convenience of transportation, and, sometimes, most importantly, living somewhere, where you are pleased and satisfied!

3. Intentions: What are your priorities, goals, and intentions, of living, in a specific house? How will this home, meet your needs, and make you happier and feeling more fulfilled? Will you be proud, to welcome friends and relatives, into this location?

4. Destination: Why have you decided upon, this specific destination and location? What features, etc, are most important and essential to you? How will you transform a house, to your home? How will you maximize your personal satisfaction, and pride of home ownership?

5. Emphasis: Before you select your future home, carefully consider and evaluate, what your personal emphasis is, and why! How will it make you happier, more satisfied, and fulfilled? Why do you believe, this is the right house, to meet your needs, and expectations?

In order to be happy, and personally fulfilled, living anywhere, specific, you must consider and address, why there is a PRIDE of home ownership, and how owning a house, will make you proud! Since, for most people, their house presents their single – largest, financial asset, does not this make sense?