July 31, 2021


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WoW Gold Secrets – Mastering The IronForge Auction House

In World of Warcraft the location of where you sell is almost as important as what and how you sell. What are the three most important factors in real estate? Location, Location, Location.

There are currently three auction houses in World of Warcraft and each has its pros and cons. Since your character is either Horde of Alliance you actually only have two auction house choices. So here's a summary of the main auction house, IronForge …

The IronForge Auction House …

This dwarven stronghold is built in the mountain peaks of Dun Morogh where it's always cold. Ironforge serves as the central flight path for all of northern Azeroth. The gnomes incidentally released a deadly plague in their capital city (which is now an instanced dungeon) and are currently rooming with their dwarven friends.

Ironforge serves as the Alliance auction center and is constantly crowded. It houses the most active auction house in all of World of Warcraft. There are a larger number of Alliance players than Horde players on each server, which makes the Alliance run auction house the largest. You would think that the neutral faction auction house would be the largest, but it is not. This is due due to the higher fees it charges, its out of the way location, and the difficulty in traveling there (level 40+ monsters outside the city).

As an Alliance player Ironforge should be your number one choice for most of your auction items. There are some exceptions such as what I would call high level "ticket items". These are rare items that sell for over one hundred gold. When selling high level ticket items you will want to make sure you set a long duration and if you are going to set a buyout price make it astronomical. These high level ticket items will be bid up to huge amounts if they are rare and in high demand.

Other than that, Ironforge is already the largest auction house and gives you a wonderful market to sell your goods. If you know how to trade properly, then you can definitely make a lot of gold through this auction house, and the best players can do it without much effort.

To your WoW Success,

-David Chow