January 28, 2021


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Zara Home Decor: Shop Zara’s New Fall/Winter Home Decor Collection

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When it comes to shopping at Zara, I usually go straight to the crop tops, but something about being inside all year long has me more interested in buying home decor than going-out tops. Can you blame me? Luckily, Zara’s home decor section rocks, and the new Fall/Winter Home Decor Collection is probably their best range yet.

If, like me, your Instagram Explore page is currently filled with home decor inspo, you’ve definitely noticed an overall shift from clean, minimalist styles towards funky, eclectic maximalism. Those influencers who strived to have the whitest of walls and cleanest of countertops? Now, they’re leaning into patterned wallpapers, lavish rugs and stacks of coffee table books, candles and vessels. More is more—that said, there’s a method to the maximalist madness.

When decorating a home in this style, you don’t want it to look like you bought everything all at once, from one store (even if you did). The vibe is eclectic, curated treasures; but if you don’t have the time or the coin to shop for antiques, Zara Home’s new collection will totally hold you over.

STYLECASTER | Zara Home Decor

Courtesy of Zara.

To celebrate the Fall/Winter collection, Zara dropped a short film called Exposure, which tells the story of a young photographer (played by Charlotte Gainsbourg) and shows off her seriously cool space, as well as some stunning landscape shots of Portugal, where the film was shot. Of course, the photog’s home is littered with pieces from Zara’s new collection, and it really does make you want to redecorate.

There’s a lot going on (in the best way, of course) but highlights include stunning vases and vessels, wooden stools and benches, dreamy neutral linens and tableware and of course, a few candlestick holders. I don’t know why, but in 2020, all I want are stylish candlesticks. Anyone else? it can’t just be me.

STYLECASTER | Zara Home Decor

Courtesy of Zara.

Luckily, the entire new collection is live now on the Zara Home website, as is the short film. Feel free to treat yourself to a few fun selects—or, go all out and really embrace that maximalist aesthetic. Oh, and if you really want to lean into that curated-treasure vibe, I highly suggest making up a backstory about how you came across each item. (JK, but not really. No one needs to know you actually just made a massive Zara purchase. No judgement from me, tho!)

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